Creating unique expressions with classic tastes, Twenty Grand Vodka is a truly rare and extravagant experience.

Unwavering Quality

Twenty Grand is a premium vodka is made from carefully harvested soft winter wheat that is cleaned, fermented and distilled to create a uniquely pure product. Each sip celebrates the craftsmanship of the spirit.

The Craft

With a base of innovation, creativity and a respect of craftsmanship; Twenty Grand Vodka has a delicate, balanced blend, boasting aromatic wealth and exceptionally rich taste.

The Collection

The Twenty Grand Family is an ever-expanding
class of spirits previously unimagined. 

Superior Taste and Finish

Depth of character and superiorly balanced taste profiles make Twenty Grand the perfect signature ingredient for a diverse set of cocktails. Whether the desired outcome is a truly unique mixology expression or a more traditionally crafted cocktail experience - Twenty Grand’s collection of spirits are well suited for all of an accomplished mixologist’s needs or a beginner’s curiosities.